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Hi. I just joined, Interested in making new friends [Dec. 10th, 2008|01:33 pm]
Toronto's Occult Community


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I moved to Hamilton, Ontario 3 years ago and am interested in making new friends in the metropolitan area. Especially interested in meeting anyone from Hamilton, Dundas, Westdale, Burlington, Oakville, etc. I hear so much from Toronto, you can't help that. But where are the Hamiltonian pagans?

Some background on myself. I am Asatru. I have been for 13 years, but have attended general pagan events in the States. Happily married mother of 3, married to another Asatru, who is originally from Hamilton, and we are raising our youngest dual citizen daughter to question and be open-minded religiously. My profile has more details.

I am glad to have found this community and interested in learning more about upcoming events and moots.

Feel free to friend me, I try to be as harmless to society as I can ;-)

[User Picture]From: marytek
2008-12-10 07:18 pm (UTC)
try getting in touch with Gary, who's in Burlington http://gothi.bravehost.com/

He's been a Gothi for several years and runs several mailing lists along with a functioning group in the Hamilton area.
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