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Toronto's Occult Community

A Place for Torontonian Pagans and Occultists on LJ

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All Members , Moderated
This community is primary intended for those in Toronto, the GTA or those with interests in the area. That said, while only members may post, this community is free and open to all, no application required.

This is a new community, as it grows and evolve this description is likely to change several times over. As it stands now, the Toronto Occult Community is intended to be a place where you can:

  • Introduce yourself. While by no means a requirement, it's nice to know who's in the community. You're welcome to pull up a chair and say a few words about yourself.

  • Share what you know. Feel free to share information on any topic, whether via an article or link, or something you've been musing about. Comment on experiences you've had and what you've learned in your practice.

  • Learn what you don't. Don't be shy. Ask questions. It's a part of the process, and a great way to get to know people.

  • Arrange encounters of the first kind. I noticed the Magickal Meet Ups group for Toronto has been down for a while, as with the Tarot Meet Ups. Hosting such events on MeetUps.com is expensive, and it’s a bit off putting to be working for a negative paycheque. Livejournal's free, and you’re already here. Let this be the place to post about proposed gatherings and events in the area.

  • Share linkage. Found something relevant and cool you want to share? Go for it, though please try to make it more engaging than a bare link. Add a little thoughtfulness to it, your reaction, why you think it's important/neat/annoying.

  • Post photos, art, crafts. If it's relevant, share it, but please, please, please use < lj-cut > tags.

  • Buy/sell stuff. Not the primary reason this community exists, but if you’re unloading occult books or paraphernalia in Toronto, please do so behind cut tags. Though if that’s all you’re here for, perhaps it would be best if you found another market.

The subject of occultism is a massive one, and it can imply various things to different groups of people. For our purposes, occultism is here defined as the study and practice of knowledge of the hidden, from ceremonial, Enochian, chaos magick, etc. to mystery traditions such as Mithrasism, Wicca and the Erisian Mysteries. In short: all traditions and fields of study are welcome.

Check out the Toronto Occulture Events hosted on Spiral Nature for a list of events happening in and around Toronto. Want on it? Get listed. Feel free to post details here as well closer to the date.

The community has the following tags available for use, and please do use them, it makes it easier to sort through entries. Feel free to add more as appropriate.

buy/sell, event, festival, goddess, introductions, linkage, moot, pagan, pagan pride.